GPCMA Listserv / Forum

GPCMA now has two Google-based listserv/forum groups, one for GPCMA managers and the other for GPCMA managers and professional associates. If you are a GPCMA manager, you will want to be a member of both groups. These are restricted groups; as such, approval for membership is required prior to being added to either group. This is the place where group members can post topics for discussion, ask questions or respond to posts. These groups allow members to:

  • Circulate information and ideas
  • Share solutions to common concerns
  • Ask questions of their peer members
  • Recommend vendors and contractors
  • Submit requests for information
  • Request help with specific issues

A Google-based listserv is very simple to use, and it is your channel for easy communication with the other members of these forums. If you are a GPCMA manager or professional associate, click the images below for instructions on how to use the forum, and to start posting.

For Managers Only:          
For Managers and Professional Associates: