Jim Giblin

Greater Philadelphia Condominium Managers Association

President's Message

Our organization continues to grow, but as always, we need your help. We have formed several strategic alliances within the Real Estate Management industry, but your input is needed to keep us vibrant and growing. We need "new blood", so invite your colleagues to join and consider bringing them to one of our monthly meetings. There is no charge for the meeting and the information will enhance their individual databases, just as it does for each of us.

Some of the other benefits of memebership in the GPCMA is the camaraderie of seeing your friends at those functions and renewing old friendships. It's nice to know that we have such a wide array of colleagues who help us all become better property managers. We can do this difficult job because of that support and your extensive experience. If you are reading this and happen not to be a member, you are missing out on being a part of a wonderful organization that has as its main goal improving each member's knowledge and standing in the Real Estate community.

If you are a member, we need you to help us improve. Tell us the topics you want to learn more about. We will find a qualified speaker to give you all the information you may need. Volunteer your building as a meeting site. You can show all our members how well you building is being run, and you won't have to drive anywhere to get to the meeting. That sounds like a win-win situation. Think about it.

As you know, we've had a few of our long-term members retire recently. New managers have replaced them and we are reaching out to them to come on board as new GPCMA members. We may also need new Board Directors to keep us on the cutting edge with new ideas. If you want to work with us, give me a call. Fresh eyes see things that others may not. New blood is essential to all good organizations, so give me a call and let's talk about it!

Please attempt to make our monthly meetings. They are fun and interesting events. Most are luncheons and occasionally we have a breakfast meeting. Let me know the topics you want to hear about. Offer your building as a meeting place. Again, we need you!

Lastly, don't forget to check our website daily. It is www.gpcmacondopros.com. Also check our Facebook page. We highlight our preferred vendors and also put information that affects our industry, right there for your review. We are becoming more and more widely recognized as the primary organization of Property Managers in the Philadelphia region. We hope to see you at one (or more) of our meetings in the very near future.

Thank you.

Jim Giblin, President
GPCMA 2014


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